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Yes, The Reality Sucks: 5 Ways of How to Deal with it

We have officially lost count of the number of posts, memes, Whatsapp forwards and ads screaming that 2021 is worse than 2020. WE GET IT! Can we be done with it already?

Words like pandemic, masks, social distancing, lockdowns are just daily vocabulary now. Well, this is it. Our country is in the face of adversity and our futures ambiguous. This doesn’t have to be etched because we do realise it. But the big question is, have we accepted it?

By accepting, we don’t mean to accept the bad time and roll with it. Then, what do we mean?

We won’t ever be able to create the right reality if we are still stuck on this wrong one. A change is driven by emotion but achieved with rationality. Whenever someone tells us to not have expectations, we instantly feel defensive. Candidly speaking, that advice never made sense. It felt like they were telling one to have zero boundaries and to roll with absolutely everything and anything.

Some popular advice all of us have heard is to not have any expectations, because then one won’t get hurt. Frankly, that just sounds sad. Expectations do not always have to be our enemies. The most popular myth we believed about acceptance is that it meant resignation. It meant giving up. The harder we fought against reality meant that we weren’t giving up, but that path led to a lot of heartbreak.

If one accepts a situation, it doesn’t mean they agree with it. It only means acknowledging how effed up the situation is. SIMPLE!

As we all know a process never ends right after acknowledgement. So, as usual, we are here to save you some time and help you out with accepting the reality just a tad bit faster.

Reminder: It’s a process and it takes time, so don’t force yourself at any stage.

  1. Talk it out: Words are your best friends today. So, raise your voice, be expressive, be loud and just let it out. But on zoom calls( sorry this sore point had to be included in the wake of the Nth lockdown we are stuck in)

  2. New mindset won’t fit into old jeans: If you don’t fit into some favourite jeans of yours, what do you do? Repurpose it and/or buy a new one that fits, right? Every waking hour of this process will require us to break some barriers and build new points of views.

  3. Losing it.... : Do you ever just lose it? Like on a random Wednesday afternoon. Not your mental peace, we are talking about your habit or thinking. No, right? Well hello bestie, no one does. It takes more than 21 days to take on a habit, it’s definitely going to take more time to lose it. “Losing it” will take time, but it feels so much lighter once you do.

  4. Aiming at a new bulls eye: The trajectory of our lives have gone for a toss but has your vision changed even a bit? You still want to achieve your goal, right? If you put an obstacle in front of an ant, it changes its path and goes around it. It never stops until it reaches that ant hill. Your destination is still the same, you just might have to take a longer or different flight. Jot down the steps you think are doable, consider the factors which can affect it. This new bulls eye will help you get going.

  5. The ever-ticking clock: The clock’s hand goes around, traversing through the same numbers again and again but is the moment still the same? No, right? Things might look the same but won’t seem the same to your mind. As time goes by, the world moves on. Find your pace but remember that this too shall pass.

While we are at it, maybe spill the beans on what’s been holding you from this. Our personal utopia/dream world is what has helped us go through these uncertain, not so welcomed times.