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Why wait for January 1, 2021 when you can start right now?

"Let bygones be bygones, and take life head on from NOW"

It’s that time of the season. Are you still sitting and procrastinating about that gym membership?

"New year's resolutions" is a broken concept because thinking that your mind will adapt to that timeline and not care about the junk you put in your body till the midnight of 31st of December is bizarre and unfortunately, we don't function that way.

Let's all sit and do something for ourselves now, take a pen and paper, and write down the following questions. Please feel free to take your time and truly understand how you are feeling and enjoy learning about you!

  • Use one word to describe your feelings.

  • Why are you feeling this way?

  • What caused this? Look at patterns that your mind has.

  • What can I do to change that

  • Steps to be taken to bring that change

  • Set short term goals and a reward for each task completed.

Having this in writing will really help you bring about the change in an effective manner. Write down your goals on paper and stick them in places you see often, or have them as the background on your phone to consciously remind yourself what you are doing this for.

Once you start to focus on things and ways you can bring small changes in your life that take you closer to who you want to be, you will not have the time to worry about what could have been.

Think of a day from your dream life and look at your daily routine today, and think of what you could incorporate to reach the day in your dream. But always start small. Most importantly, sit with yourself every evening for 5-10 minutes to understand how you are and how well you did. Appreciate your little wins! And stick to doing this everyday, you will see your life change in from of your eyes!

We look at one day as a very small entity, a week as something much bigger and a year as a chunk of time and equate the entire year to something positive or negative. But if you were to break down your everyday into accountable periods of time, you'll see yourself making little changes to achieve that happiness that you've always desired.

Making long-term habit and routine changes in life is very tricky! We have been sticking to a certain way of thinking, behaving and living, it's impossible to turn one's entire being by 180 degrees on a specified date.. and let's start our year with self love and care. Be kind to ourselves and move ahead. You did well. You will do better tomorrow.

"Why wait for January 1, 2021 when you can start right now?"

Let us all visualise what we would want out of 2021, and start working towards it right away. If you want to work out 5 days a week in the next year, start with two to three days right now, want to lose the excess weight? Research and see what would work for you in the long term and get an expert opinion from a nutritionist. Invest in yourself, and focus on what will make you happy and take small steps towards that goal, you will be there before you know it.

Wishing you lots of love and light from Soul Palette to reach the goals you have been aspiring for, and more! Soul palette wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2021!

This article is written by Soul Palette writer; Akanksha Madaan.