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We asked 6 millennials what they are over-thinking about and gave them one solution!

Millennials- The ‘Me Me Me’ generation!

The tech-savvy, the multi-taskers, the lazy bums, the entitled ones! A lot has been said about this generation and a lot is yet unknown. But there is one thing for sure- WE ARE CONSTANTLY OVERTHINKING! About that job we don’t like, about the boy who is not replying, about doubling our income! We are always thinking.

Some Millennial rants:

Millennial Number 1: I am an Interior Designer turned writer and I’m constantly thinking about how I have become an Instagram addict and wasting more of my time over-thinking this screen addiction.

Millennial number 2: I am a science student turned designer and I’m constantly thinking about how underpaid are designers, will people ever understand or value my degree or profession. I also waste my time thinking about when the COVID vaccine will be ready.

Millennial number 3: I am a fashion marketing and PR professional, I am constantly overthinking about my future career plans and wondering if I’ll be successful enough!

Millennial number 4: I am an interior designer who is an online shopping addict and constantly thinking about how to save money.

Millennial number 5: I am an Operations Manager in a Media house. In between all this hustle I keep wondering if I will ever be able to take the right path towards my career and am, I just losing out on time? Being at an age where most people get married, as and when it comes my way, will it be an obstruction in my career and life in general? Too scared to be taking part in this race of making a life for myself and adapting someone else's lifestyle after I have really made it on my own!

Millennial number 6: I am a curious soul so ,for me overthinking is my bae, never ditching me since teenage days and nights, my current overthinking obsession is about my career not getting on track the way I want it to be and to my surprise I just don’t know the reason because I’m giving my best shot. So, I blame luck, destiny and life just to escape this.

Does this sound familiar? Did we just take words from your mouth and put it here in this blog? Well, there is always something or the other snatching your present moment from you, imprisoning you in the memories of yesterday or the dreams of tomorrow. This is exactly where the problem lies. There are some things, which we cannot change or on the other hand, there is nothing you can’t change! It is all about how we look at it. There is always somebody whose business is running better than yours, whose Instagram game is on point, who has the perfect husband, a perfect family. You know what works in this situation?

You gotta ask yourself ONE question. That’s it. No meditation, no journal writing, no spiritual odyssey. All you need to ask yourself is:


This single question will put a stop to all your worries and pleasantly drag you in the present moment! All the negative energy invested into worrying about your past or future will seem futile. Do you really want to waste your time now, worrying about this?

Well, hell no! And if hell yes, then break your dreams, hopes and aspirations into achievable single-day tasks and dance your heart out, because you only live once!

The next time you are worrying yourself about a bad habit, a new job, a job that sucks, your marriage, your screen addiction or your amazon parcels, the more you think negatively about it, the more it is bound to happen. Don’t waste your time into this, rather cook a meal you love or take one item off your to-do list.

Caught yourself overthinking again, ask once again:


If the answer is no: Get it hell out of your mind.

If the answer is yes: Make an achievable day-wise plan to crack it.

Put this question as your mobile wallpaper or desktop wallpaper, serving you a reminder to focus on ‘now’ and live in the moment. And it works! .