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The Future of Wellness Decoded: Meet Kombucha

Amidst the chaos of everyday work and life, are we even too busy to take care of our own health? Well, it's not a tough row to hoe to get up in the morning and find our own Zen.

We are often so disconnected in today’s era of mobile phones, texts and social media that we even forget to look both ways while crossing the road and eat while scrolling down our Instagram feeds. Isn’t it?

It’s time to be mindful of what we put inside our bellies.

Power Behind the Gut

Do we have a slightest of inkling about Kombucha and its benefits? Well, let’s find out.

Is it fizzy, natural, herbal taste filled in bottles? Yes, let’s raise a toast to wellness by drinking Kombucha, a refreshing energy boosting drink prepared simply to make people and their gut healthy. It helps in digestion, rids our body of toxins, and boosts our energy. This organic drink can act as a fuel to boost our immune system, help us lose weight, ward off high blood pressure, heart disease, and prevent cancers.

We’d keep on counting it’s benefits for our body and soul!

We came across Atmosphere; a brand on a mission to create a happier and healthier world by making health-boosting products. From Kombucha and kefir to raw vegan cheesecakes, Atmosphere products are packed with the goodness of probiotics and prebiotics for a happy, healthy gut.

We spoke to their founders; Rebekah & Ariella, two sisters who were raised in India and completed their schooling from Mussoorie. They aimed at creating an atmosphere where all can thrive; thus, their brand ‘Atmosphere’ was born. Here are some excerpts from our conversation…

1.Share your journey and your muse behind ‘Atmosphere?

In 2016, we moved back to India from United States. Our journey began when we were in Delhi and started feeling sick and suffered a lot from food poisoning because of excessive pollution in the city.

During that time, we decided to bring something to the market for people to help them live a healthier life. We have been making Kombucha (an organic drink) from last ten years and we know how it can help someone feel healthier. Kombucha has probiotics and is flavoured with fresh herbs; thus, the idea of Atmosphere was born.

2.How working in India is different from working in another country? Share your personal experience about India's culture and lifestyle.

India is a fascinating country to work and if we wouldn't be working in India, we would probably be pursuing our work in US and wouldn't have started in any other country. India is booming, and in the age of startups people are willing to try new brands here.

3. How did you come up with such interesting flavors of Kombucha? What is the best time to have a Kombucha in a day?

The best time to have Kombucha is with an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning or before meals. Our flavors are born generally out of ingredients that inspire us. Every summer we focus on seasonal fruit Kombucha, and in winters, we try and focus on herbal and medicinal Kombucha.

4. Kombucha is of course a new concept. How do you educate your audience about it?

We educate people about Kombucha on mass platforms like Farmer’s Market, where we constantly explain about it and its amazing benefits. We used to take workshops on gut health, probiotics and Kombucha, even before we started our Atmosphere journey. Till now, we have held numerous workshops across Delhi and India to educate people about our concept.