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The AM Routine that your Soul Needs!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We say skincare AM routines are a passe! All we need now is a soul care AM routine.

You might be wondering how this new year can be started with a right bunch of resolutions?

Whether it’s sticking to your daily morning-evening routines, your new stack of affirmations, your new to-do’s or promising yourself to pick up a cute new daily planner to stay on track!

Waking up every day with a gentle bliss is a kick start to a peaceful year. Mornings are rather chaotic for lot of people, well, it’s true. We all embark on to snoozing and snoring too much and the real rush begins when we get up late.

Having a meaningful morning routine is a luxury that can indeed transform our lives. We all have wasted many sacred morning hours with indecision and felt grumpy all day. Who hasn’t? So, be that lucky one who cherishes the time before the world is up.

It is a sacred time, it’s when you can be alone with yourself in stillness, listening, checking in. It can make you feel anchored inside yourself.

Dare to say, but, an ‘quintessential morning routine’ can prevent you to feel unstructured and emotionally all over the place.

Sarah Smiley, a mother of two, once quoted- “It is in the early morning hour that the unseen is seen, and that the far-off beauty and glory, vanquishing all their vagueness, move down upon us till they stand clear as crystal close over against the soul.”

Getting up early is the new sexy

Now that you’re back in control of your morning, your whole day would not be incalculable. You decide what your morning looks like and set the pace for the day.

1. Make your bed

We all have been taught, ‘the most successful people wake up early when the entire world is just snuggling under a blanket’. To pour in a small sense of pride wake up every morning and make your own bed (a keystone habit) and that’s how you would eventually crave for a little more organization in your life.

Remember: If you snooze, you loose!

2. Drink Water

Lot of us sometimes make it to noon or later only to realize we haven’t, uh, had a drop of the stuff? Let us try to make a habit of knocking back our first glass in the morning can help a lot.

The rewards of taking a gulp of lukewarm water every day is well documented, knowing that you’d be hydrated all day.

Make sure to pop a fresh jug of water besides your bed to flush away the unwanted toxins out of your body.

Whatever works for you!

3. Journal

Have you ever thought of jotting down your fresh thoughts right after you bask in the sunshine?

To engage in more self- reflection and to live creatively, one must turn over a new leaf by writing in the mornings! Write, write and write ‘whatever crosses your mind’-and claims doing so will declutter your mind and improve your life across the board by getting you more in touch with your emotions.

4. Move

‘Better choose to shake your booty when you’re moody’! Hey, not an excuse! But anyone can enjoy a good streeeetch in the morning especially when your body is stiff. Shake it up, warm it up or do whatever that floats your boat.

Howdy! Start your day on the right foot and get ready to feel calm, strong and bendy.

5. Read

What do you want to be? A night owl or an early bird? Be definitely not the first one!

‘Morning is vital’- Pour in some happiness by mindful reading with an ability to be present in the moment and feel contented with your soulful life at the end of the day.

Reading a beautiful piece of content every morning can help you unlock your tangled emotions and widens your vision towards the imperfectly perfect world.

6. Meditate

Why don’t you gift yourself a calm start to the day? Yoga is nothing but an art of diving deep inside your soul. This undying source of energy can gently release your grogginess and can help you switch on your ‘zealous’ mode.

A morning mediation of around 5 to 7 minutes can help you to jump into a state of concentrated flow, beyond the distractions of your ongoing mental chatter and inner critic. You just can’t afford to procrastinate this!

7. Smudge