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Signs you are turning into a pressure cooker!


Ever felt stuck at one space emotionally? Do you ever feel a lump in your throat that you can’t swallow? Constantly ignoring a few problems in the hope that it will not affect us is our default setting. In the face of unpleasant situations, we switch to this default mode. This might work on the surface level but deep down we just increase the flame on this pressure cooker. Letting out emotions often has a negative connotation. We think crying, venting out or just feeling tired is a sign of weakness when it isn’t. Anger, frustration, sadness and fear are basic human emotions and experiencing them is normal. Here is what we don’t know. We don’t know how to express them properly, we don’t know why we feel that way and most of all we don’t know how to help ourselves.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Have I Bottled It Up After All?

Sometimes keeping things with yourself is fine, but those things should never be your emotions. In times like these out body starts running on auto-pilot. We go about our day but without feeling a thing. Sounds ideal but it isn’t. At times, we run in auto-pilot and end up being okay with it. Despite holding everything inside us we fail to see it, so, here are some signs that you are turning into a pressure cooker:

1. Procrastination: We postpone certain activities that affect our future self. But, taking that action in the present just doesn’t seem interesting. Leaving tasks like this usually adds up in the end.

2. The chaos around you at home and office: Recollect, is your workspace or private space cluttered than usual. Are there any clean spaces where you can work or think peacefully? The physical space around us is a representation of our mental space too. The chaos on your table right now, speaks more about how you are feeling. So, ask yourself, how are you?

3. Lurking or Oversharing on Social media: Do you write rants on Instagram stories or Twitter threads? Do you lurk on the feed mindlessly scrolling or just keep consuming content? By doing this, we are comparing every bit of ourselves and giving others the power to determine how we feel.

4. Denial: Oftentimes we tell our brains “No this is not true”, “I am fine” or “I don’t need help”. Truth is you do, and as the case maybe you know it. The perfect place we end up believing in pushes us closer to the brink.

5. Withdrawal: Yes, sitting at home and not feeling like interacting isn’t always a sign of being tired. If you feel this takes up too much energy and mental strength, look into yourself and discover the reason.

· Pause for a moment and reflect, instead of acting hastily.

· Count till 100 maybe, make sure your mind is still.

· Away from the traffic, away from this rat-race and one with your heart.

· Have a conversation with yourself, imagine an angel on each shoulder, talking it out.

· Agreed, it sounds crazy but that’s fine. One has to be a child sometimes to deal with “adulthood” (hate using that word). Sit in front of your mirror and converse, your deepest fear, your insecurities.

Taking the Weight Off

Acknowledge and accept. It is a question all of us ask, “How do I let go and move on?” Denying and living inside the bubble can be a conscious decision just like that letting go can be a conscious decision too. We know it is hard to swallow the truth at times, but we promise you this is the only hard hurdle you have to cross. Take your time with it. Are you hurt or mad at someone or are you sad? Answer these questions honestly. Whatever be the reason, reassure yourself that it is okay to feel that way.

Give yourself permission to talk about it and to forgive. Be gentle with yourself, and ask others to do the same. Allow these emotions to flow that is the only way towards being mindful. Create physical distance from the triggers and make a conscious decision to take control.

While sitting in front of the mirror, do not forget to tell yourself how amazing you are. Repeat your positive affirmations, smile and admire your beautiful soul.

Don’t bottle it up!

You are not pressure cooker and surely not grapes on a vineyard waiting to get bottled up to sit in some fancy cellar. You are only human; with feelings and emotions.

Pooja Maheshwari is a lifestyle coach who would be your granny and best friend- all in one.

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