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Mindful & Body- Let's Rediscover Self-Care

"To start living mindfully, start slowing down and paying attention to each and every task, as you live your life. When you eat, eat. When you shower, shower. "

Someone else's journey sometimes become a great inspiration to follow the suit. We came across @mindfulandbody and couldn't agree more. From raising awareness about mindfulness and self-care through niche workshops, we sat over a tete-e-tete with the founder, Sheena.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation.

Can you tell us about your journey and what inspired you to start 'Mindful and Body'

I have a history of trauma, but spent most of my lifetime being misdiagnosed, and being re-traumatised by professionals with no experience of working with trauma.

Five years ago I began to work with the body without much insight into the role of the body in trauma, and my mental health began to change. I also found mindfulness at this time. I became passionate about self care since it made me feel empowered around my own healing in the absence of adequate care.

It is the above, the connection of community care and the role of the mind-body connection that saved my life, and were the catalyst for Mindful and Body.

How can one start living mindfully - your go-to tips

To start living mindfully, start slowing down and paying attention to each and every task, as you live your life. When you eat, eat. When you shower, shower. Too often we practise distraction as a habit. Connecting with the present moment by engaging the senses is the easiest way to begin to live mindfully.

Your courses range from gratitude to mindful eating to being productive; where do you think one needs to begin their journey?

Start where you are. I encourage people to begin their journey by noticing where they are. Mindfulness helps us pay attention but this also does not need to be done alone. The right counsellor can guide you to recognise what your needs may be.

What is the role of the community in advocating self-care? The community is never a monolith so I would flip this question the other way and ask what is the role of the self in advocating community care. There is too much emphasis on healing by oneself and as a trauma-informed practitioner, I believe very much that we heal in community and the onus is on us to create it. How do you take out time for your self-care? What do your rituals look like? I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have to take out time for self care because my lifestyle and choices are grounded in self care. I try and make time for the relationships that are important to me, I have a meditation practise, I surround myself with nature and art, I pursue hobbies and interests over social media, I work on meaningful projects, I eat what brings me pleasure and honours my health, and I rest often. For someone experiencing low self-worth, what is your top advice? People often think that self acceptance and self compassion will come when self worth improves and my experience is exactly the opposite. Begin by noticing your inner voice and replacing it with the voice of a friend who you feel safe around and loved by.

We hope this encounter helps you rediscover your journey within. If you have any similar stories to share, we would be honoured to tell it to the world. Start your journey towards mindfulness with our curated product range here.