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Meet this Tea Sommelier and find out why Tea makes for the Best Morning Companion

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A Mug of Morning Inspiration

We all have our daily morning rituals? Don’t we? We literally end up brewing a cup of tea the moment we jump out of bed- our very own blend of Breakfast Tea-strong, robust yet smooth and refreshing. Have you had your cup of tea to kick start the morning yet?

Believe it or not, greeting your day with renewing tea, blossoms the entire day. Right start from rising, waking up your senses and pouring a sunshine to create a perfect cuppa can help you rise and shine and start your day!

An Emotional Connect

With each passing day, tea has become a part of our everyday life! Whether is AM or PM, tea is an emotion that runs high in each Indian family. And why not, we all look for something hot and soul kissing just to help us deal with everyday life drama and stress. Don’t we?

Because, the way how each drop of tea entangles with the soul, we find ourselves at a loss of words to explain such beautiful phenomenon.

We got on board with an interesting brand, got chatty about tea tales and why tea makes for the best morning companion!

Tea Lab is a story of finding home in your every sip!

Picked out as an idea in 2016 with a large range of leaf teas from the verdant gardens of Assam, Darjeeling and the beautiful Nilgiris. Tea Lab blends the leaves lovingly with a whole bunch of medicinal herbs, fragrant spices and summer fruits to create some incredible teas and infusions. Each of the blend functions differently on our body from morning to post-meals to pre- sleep.

Tea Tab has specific blends for the summer and some especially for the winters, to go with the crackling fire and the stories around it.

A Tale of a TEA Sommelier

Meet Megha Todi, nurturing her brainchild, Tea Lab and turning every stepping stone that crosses her way to the crest. Megha grew up with believing the smell of tea as the smell of home - fresh tea leaves plucked and ready to be transported in little green wagons, in a lush little town called Dibrugarh in Assam, India by the banks of the colossal Brahmaputra river.

She then trained herself under a professional tea sommelier with many years of experience to understand the finer technical and theoretical aspects of a valuable agricultural commodity. And today she is ITMA trained in-house tea sommelier of Tea Lab, supervising the blending processes and creating stories around each of these blends.

A Brewing Muse

Megha extracted the muse for her own tea label, amidst a trip with her partner (now husband, then boyfriend) when she was showing him, her little hometown in Assam. It was a city tour, where there was a whole bunch of visits to the tea estates, walks by the rivers and tea tasting in the factories.

Megha’s childhood memories revolved around playing hide and seek in her maternal grandparents' big house, where Tea was really everywhere! Megha later with the immense support of her husband Shiroy, happened to start her own Tea Label, right there!