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Manifest Your Dream Life With Vision Boards

A new year, a new you, a new life?

Regardless of what your life goals are—to figure out how to be more patient, to improve your relationship, to travel more, or to just be kinder to yourself—a Vision Board can help keep you become the best version of yourself by sticking to your dreams.

It is a meaningful narrowed ladder to accomplish whatever you’ve dreamt of as the board is a visualisation tool to build a collage of words and pictures that embody your goals, wishes, and dreams.

Set the Mood

You might be thinking: “Nah! this is so childish! “Or you might skip this idea because you do not have time: “Oh, this is an extravaganza. I do not have time and space in my life for such whims and imaginations “Or, you might say: “I am not that artistic enough to do this.”

Well, the truth is, these Visual Boards can help reinforce your affirmations that speaks to your life goals, dreams and everything in between. So, sock up to share your 2021 dream and align your goals significantly by creating a soulful vision board of life.

Clarify, Concentrate & Focus!

Okay, ready? First, dig in yourself what truly matters to you? Think about the one or two big things of your life you really want to change and focus on the words those things bring to your mind like- cheerful, awesome, breath-taking or adventurous?

At that point, choose if your vision board ought to speak to present moment or long-haul change and start manifesting the visuals right away.

It turns out writing your goals down in a visual format can really assist you with accomplishing them as such artful practices can boost your confidence, motivation and your performance in every manner.

Hunt, Hunt & Hunt

It's time to hunt through those old Magazines for visual representations of your goals. Or, if you want to opt digital, you can always print images you see on Pinterest and Instagram.

If you want to make improvements to indoor garden, for example, you can clip a picture of an ideal home garden that inspires you. Or, perhaps you'd like to finally take a voyage. In that case, find yourself a palm tree on beach pic and some baby glue.

Create your own Muse

Pen down your thoughts, thoughts for life! Ponder upon places you want to travel to, new cultures you want to experience, fun stuff you want to do, new food you want to taste, anything that comes to mind! Your bucket list is like the ice on the cake of this 2021 new year. Arrange your ideas to add some spice and excitement to the year, and shift things up from your regular routine.

Curate with Love

This is the part you've been waiting for, isn't that so? It's time to collect all of your pictures and words for your vision board! There are variety of ways you can begin with to craft your dream board:

· Cut pictures out of magazines

· Use pinterest or Instagram

· Create your own graphics online using Canva & Photoshop

· Draw or paint your own images

If you wish to create your vision board digitally, just save all of your favourite images into a designated folder on your desktop so that they're all easy to find when you start hitting them all together.

Pick a Theme

Do you want this board to actually make significant changes in your life? Choosing a set theme for your vision board is a fun stuff! Pick any color that speaks to your mood and personality, it can be subtle, loud, dramatic or minimalist.