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Life Changing Personal Hygiene Tips: A Complete Guide

When people think of self-care, they usually think of spending hours at Salon, enjoying luxurious spas, massages, face masks, getting hair and nails done, going on a beach vacation, or just taking a long bubble bath with scented candles all around. Isn't it?

But the underlining fact is if we have to show ourselves some love we literally don’t have to burn a hole in our pockets. Maintaining good personal hygiene standards can also be a form of a basic self-care routine.

It’s not a mountain to climb

Between the physical and mental wellness, personal hygiene usually falls down to the bottom of our priority list, and this feeling is now pretty common for all of us.

But hygiene has now also gained unprecedented importance in our lives, the basic practices such as washing our hands after arriving home or before sitting down for a meal, hygiene has always been a part of our everyday routine.

Need of an Hour

But in today's era of germs causing chronic diseases, this is just not enough. We have to make sure that we are regularly getting engaged in the forms of hygiene that prevents us from illness and physical health problems as a part of our self-care regimen.

So, do we all have a personal hygiene checklist? Or do we have a list of habits to maintain a clean look? And, are we aware of the fact that good hygiene relates to good health too? Let us walk together on a journey to uncover few basic hygiene tips that are fun and necessary:

1. A Bed-Time Ritual

Pillow mist, is a water spray to release foul smell and odor from our pillows. We can spray a light mist in our shower, on our body, over our pillows or bed linens for a restful fragrance. Mist is infused with essential oils and it is as beneficial as aromatherapy. Mist is great for night owls and restless sleepers as it calms down insomniac eyes and help people fall asleep easily without tossing and turning at night.

2. Beyond Bathing

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and basil are fresh smelling and therapeutic. Bathing with relaxing scents and aromas can leave us more awakened and help us smell fresh throughout the day. We can use lemon or orange scented citrus soaps in the shower as they can cleanse our body, keep body odor down and have multiple medicinal purposes.

3. Shamp like a Champ

Keeping our hair clean is important for social reasons and our physical health. Dirty, unkempt hair can be visually unpleasant and may even develop an obnoxious odor. Shampooing our hair everyday isn’t set in stone. As some people shampoo every other day or even once a week. The frequency of shampooing depends on how quickly a person’s hair tends to become oily, dirty and greasy. Indulging ourselves in regular hair massages, spas, organic haircare routine are sure to keep our hair and scalp healthy and happy.

4. The Bedding Care

Most of us fall for the charms of linen sheets, but it’s also important to know how hard they are to care for. It’s important to give linen the attention it deserves. If our linen fabric is stained, we should try to remove the stain at the earliest before it sits down for longer. We can soak the stain with a mixture made of water and detergent. We can also spot clean the fabric with club soda, baking soda or even a small amount of white vinegar, followed by blotting the stain with a clean towel.

Maybe now we feel sheets in lukewarm or cold temperatures and preferably soft.

5. Laundry the right way

Let’s don't resign ourselves to stinky and sour smelling laundry. Before we can get fresh-smelling laundry, we need to figure out what's causing the bad odor, is it a wrong detergent or an overloaded washing machine? Germs and mold spores are root causes of most laundry odor issues. In addition to avoiding such odors, we can protect our health by using simple methods for disinfecting laundry like using fabric conditioner, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. We know it, clean, germ-free laundry always smells better.

6. Introduce a Self-Care Plan