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Letters: A Simple Act of Kindness that Never Hurts

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Is there a mystery in describing kindness? Yes, It’s incredibly rare!

We all recognise it, cultivate it and express it. And isn’t it feel good to embrace whichever side of kindness we live on in the moment?

Kindness is simple and has power to change people, and therefore relationships, communities, workplaces, and ultimately the entire world. Most often, kindness is a tiny gesture, perhaps only a nod of the head or the mere hint of a smile! But the idea is, are we constantly being kind to ourselves and others too?

A Gentle Soul

We all are on the threshold of start unfolding our energies that say, ‘Kindness begins with an understanding that we all struggle!’ And we dare, kindness boosts wellbeing and has power, so, hang on! But how one does stay kind in today’s mean world?

We believe, even a small piece of paper can simply touch a piece of our soul and can help us deal with our buried emotions.

Letter of Kindness;

A pill for the ache in our heart and the sorrow in our soul!

It is okay to receive letters from our loved ones, but can a handwritten letter from a ‘stranger’ also help us revive our lost souls?

Well, yeah, we came across Letters of Kindness and we just couldn’t agree it more!

Meet Adishi Gupta, Creator of Letters of Kindness & Co-Founder of a Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Platform Mental Health Talks India. She is an undergrad in English Literature and Master's in Gender Studies. Now pursuing her second master's in Education at the University of British Columbia.

We asked her 10 questions about, her baby brand, how her letter catches the glimpse of a human soul and a lot more about emotional wellbeing and self-care.

Wow yes, here’s her response!

1. Draw us a picture of your Brainchild.

Letters of Kindness is now about advocating and propagating kindness as an everyday practice in our lives and more importantly, as a counter-force against the rising hatred worldwide. As a part of this initiative, people can request a letter of kindness about something that they need motivation and support for.

In November 2019, the scope of this initiative expanded as I started a free, monthly newsletter called Tender Tales to engage with the idea of kindness a little more deeply with my fellow kindness advocates.

2. What inspired you the most?

Once I felt extremely lonely and hopeless in my life and was rescued by the kindness and empathy of a lot of people online, who were strangers to me then. That was a moment where I realised the healing power of someone telling you that it’s okay to feel that way.

Receiving that kind of support encouraged me to ensure that no one should ever feel alone and Letters of Kindness is one such effort in that direction.

3. How do you craft letters and nurture them with love?

When I receive a letter request, I identify what it is that needs to be addressed. Is it that a sense of belongingness needs to be conveyed while holding space for their experience of not feeling belonged?

I pause, think and then I try to link it with my own experience of going through that particular emotion, how it affected me and what comforted me (if at all!). I try to empathise as much as possible with the person I am writing to, while also trying to not override their experience of having gone through something.

4. How can one drop a request to write a letter? State the charges.

You can request a letter by filling this form. A short note of kindness via email is for INR 100, while a letter via email is for INR 200. A handwritten letter via post is for INR 350+postage.

However, if someone experiencing financial hardship wishes to request for a letter, I am always open to negotiating and figuring out the best way to serve both of us in the best possible way.