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HYGGE: The Danish way for a Happy Life!

De-cluttering our minds, just like our homes, reduces the weight on our shoulders. We might not even realize how much it pulls us down unless we make an effort. At this very moment, you are thinking of something to do in future? Long term or short term, doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters the words written here isn’t what you are thinking about.

Now take a deep breath and read the lines following mindfully, and in the end, see the change.

It’s hard, we know! It’s hard to be optimistic at times. It becomes challenging to even wake up and feel things are going normal. Especially when paranoia has become an uninvited guest, hasn’t it? (Trust us, we be hating the constant nag in our brains…ugh) The pandemic has made us realize the importance of happiness, living in the moment, and appreciating and expressing our feelings to our loved ones. We all have acknowledged the need for a lifestyle change, but how?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) sounds like a familiar word? This also happens to be your solution.

The Origin:

A little history, won’t bore you, promise. This word in Old Norwegian roughly translates to “well-being”. Appearing first in literature in the late 18th century, the Danes have embraced it with open arms. Recently added to the Oxford Dictionary referred to high-quality interactions. In all honesty, “intentional intimacy” which talks about a safe, balanced and harmonious experiences with our loved ones and selves, is a better definition.

The Danish Way of Living:

Denmark wasn’t crowned as the happiest country for years just like that. Their way of living established on a large scale has a huge role to play. According to the 2016 World Happiness Report, Denmark clocks in as the world’s happiest country and we believes that the positive stat can be attributed to hygge. The Danes are exceptionally good at decoupling wealth and well-being.

This concept is centered around pleasure and deriving contentment from the small things. Something just as simple as enjoying each sip of your morning tea or sitting in a couch with a blanket and coffee. The simplicity and wholesomeness are characteristic of hygge.

The sense of security and belongingness it creates in the community is longed for but very rarely achieved. In a world where people feel lonely, it is important to induce a sense of peace and slow down the pace for the benefit of everyone.

The 6 Rules to Hygge:

They are do-able and less complicated than math for sure. Here we go!

1. Get together

2. Dim the lights

3. Dress comfortably

4. Have good food

5. Be in the moment

6. Make your home a Hygge hot spot

Wasn’t hard, was it now? You spent a few minutes of your life reading mindfully. Imagine being present and open the entire day. If that just put a smile on your face, Hygge is something you should embrace. Believe it is very simple. A whole country did it, you can do it. So go on, and embrace every second of your day.