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How to Do Nothing and be OKAY about it?

How many of us were feeling unworthy and absolutely useless ever since March clocked in? I'm sure many of us are in that boat. It gets hard sometimes, but it seemed like it got significantly harder this time around. How many of us were busy comparing what we got done during the lockdown? Looking at people around us losing weight, doing courses, starting businesses, and just being productive...did you ever feel guilty, that you were being left behind in the race of life or that you were just not enough?

It's okay. It wasn't you. And you were not alone. So let's take this month entirely to focus on forgiving ourselves and learning to love who we are and what we did accomplish in the year that was 2020.

"Forgive, because you deserve peace."

The root of feeling this way is self judgement that we don't realise we are indulging in but can be so very harmful for our mental and physical health. Be kind to yourself and to those around you, the world came to a standstill but our self criticism hit an all time high, so the imbalance was bound to happen.

What can you do now?

It's the end of the year, first let's congratulate ourselves for surviving the pandemic - unscathed or a warrior. Take time out to assess your year. What did you do? Learned to cook, bake, make sourdough bread? Watched a lot of tv series? Attended free webinars? Got into something if it weren't for the pandemic? Whatever it was- write it down.

Take time out to thank the year and life for giving you this time- either with yourself, your family, pets, friends, getting in touch with people we usually never prioritised- Now let's look at what good the pandemic bought- cleaner air and oceans, better biodiversity, new businesses.

Just like the world we would have definitely had things we would have gained while giving up our comfort zone. We gained time, perspective, knowledge, accessibility to the world, and so much more!

We have been conditioned to look at what was taken away from us for far too long to actually focus on what we gained. I'm sure everyone has had new experiences and met people that they wouldn't have if it weren't for the pandemic.

Let's be grateful!

Let us celebrate everything that we do have and be grateful. If you still believe that there aren't things to be grateful for, find something. The world is filled with beautiful people and things- you will find something to be grateful for…

The year of uncertainties is coming to an end- let's give it a proper goodbye and start with zero criticism to self. It's never too late to start on your dream, or do nothing. Enjoy doing nothing. Being in the moment and you will feel more peaceful for sure!

Do what brings you warmth and comfort. Always!

This article is written by Soul Palette writer; Akanksha Madaan.