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From 1K to 100K, this Woman Entrepreneur is Breaking Glass Ceilings One Post at a Time

Pick up the pieces and pave the way for your dream

The online space is a scary one. With every new page springing up, it’s next to impossible to carve your own identity. And then roadblock to convert your passion into a lucrative profession is a heavy one! But, we came across this women entrepreneur who believed she could, so she did.

Meet, Manika Karnawat, founder at Jaipur Buzz, a digital media platform about all things Jaipur. She is vulnerably ambitious and turned her childhood passion into profession of building her career in Marketing & Advertising. From 1k Instagram Followers to 100k, Manika has been unstoppably breaking the glass ceilings with all her zeal, blood and sweat behind making Jaipur Buzz a powerful online community of today.

Inspired by the effortless success of Jaipur Buzz, Soul Palette holds a chit-chat with Manika to share her golden secrets to entrepreneurial success:

1. You’re an epitome of financial independence for all women out there. We would love to know a bit about your upbringing and how did your childhood look like?

My childhood was fun just like any other millennial kid, nurtured and raised by a loving family.

Spent a lot of sweet memories with friends and did everything which a naughtiest kid would ever do during their childhood. Well, my mother has always been my pillar of strength & motivation from the very beginning. She supported me in my dreams and made me the woman I am today.

2. Could you walk us by a beautiful journey of making Jaipur Buzz a brand?

Since childhood, I dreamt of building my career into Marketing & Advertising, and fetch a high paying corporate job. But destiny had a different story written for me.

I embarked on the journey of Jaipur Buzz when I was in my college. I started off as a one-woman army till we had 25K followers on Instagram and later my sister joined me in this creative journey. The moment we crossed 50K followers, we to decided to expand our team of creative heads and hired writers, photographers, designers and web developers.

But, never thought this would turn out to be such a phenomenal platform for all the Jaipurites.

3. Being a founder of two prominent platforms; Jaipur Buzz & Link Media-How do you manage it all?

The beginning was no doubt quite a tough. In a city like Jaipur where luxury and culture are predominant, making people aware about the necessity of advertising was really a hard boat to row. And I still believe that companies in Jaipur do not prefer to burn their pockets on Social Media and online marketing.

But somehow, our team managed to pull it off by delivering not just content or designs but also values and emotions to our clients.

4. Jaipur Buzz is a hub of media news and happenings around the Pink City, how do you manage to stand out amongst your competitors?

Well, everyone has their own path and set of struggles in achieving success. Why Jaipur Buzz stands out is, because we really put ourselves into our audience’s shoes and understand what kind of content they would probably like or dislike, in terms of entertainment and day to day updates.

5. Do you face a creative block in such negative circumstances and how do you manage to pull yourself back?

Well, whenever we get caught in a bubble of negativity, we all as a team help and remind each other that how we really turned this dream and made our platform really a buzz amongst Jaipurites. And, this sense of responsibility for our friends, family and followers simply drives our zeal.

6. What’s that one thing you realised you should have known earlier?

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