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Dopamine Dressing: Fashion that can make you happy!

The secret to being happier? Right this way…

Having the first sip of your morning coffee and a text from your crush? How does that sound? Isn’t it just a happy package that have just arrived at your door?

Yes, absolutely! We know, you’ve already started feeling electric just by having this thought.

But why this happens and how? – Dopamine, gal! Dopamine, can make the brain zing and allows you to go all silly by just at the drop of a hat! Do you know, you can bring dopamine into your everyday fashion? Let’s find out how!

Dopamine; Whaaaat’s That?

A Treasure trove

Well, when the global pandemic hit us nearly a year ago, we saw a drastic shift in the way we all dressed. Our heels were swapped for slippers, jeans gave way to pyjamas and our oversized shirts became cozy tees.

During those days, comfort dressing was a new normal for all of us, everything else was just out of the frame! Wasn’t it?

You might be wondering how does ‘Dopamine Dressing’ can narrate the fashion in today’s era?

However, as we all ease into 2021, dopamine dressing, a new sartorial trend is taking over the online attention like anything. Hey, but how does dopamine dressing work? (yes, please!)

Dopamine dressing is all about picking and wearing clothes that makes you happy and brings you joy- it’s part-fashion, part-mindfulness. Cute, right?

We would help you uncover the dopamine recipe right here!

So, how does it work?

Do you know clothing could have a direct impact on how you think? It is as simple as it sounds babe!

Okay! But, How? When you feel good with the type of clothes you have put on, you tend to be more confident. When you become pretty self-assured, you are able to conquer the world right away.

Cool, how it works? When you feel good, you are likely to attract your inner positive magnet and can be perceived as looking good too, as your posture and voice becomes firm and clear, clear enough to be seen, liked and loved!

Gotcha, it works!

You can set boundaries for the world with whatever you wear and show them that you need to be treated in a certain way. And, now that you have raised your standards of living, you interact with them and subsequently you are influenced by their reaction to your words.

And, if you are well entertained, it boosts your confidence and can ultimately affect your emotional & physical wellbeing.

Science says, Dopamine; a chief feel-good neurotransmitter

Dopamine, is one of the “happy hormones”, an important chemical constructed in the brain. It acts as a messenger between neurons (the working units that your brain is made of). The hormone can strongly affect your mood, attention, behaviour and motivation.

However, when you have low levels of dopamine, you feel and sound low. When you have great high levels of dopamine going back and forth between the neurons, you feel pretty incredible. And that’s how dopamine magic works!

Try and shower dopamine in your calendars, by simply getting enough sleep, regular stretching & exercising, listening to happy playlist, meditation, getting enough sunlight, plenty of protein and yes, lot of squeezy hugsss!

Moods & Hues

Do you know wearing certain colors can have a great effect on your mood? Yes, colors does play a role! By dopamine dressing, we did not mean that you need to swath yourself in certain bright colors and quirky prints. No, absolutely not!

The color psychology is a witness of a strong bond between hues and moods. As you would all agree that you start behaving oddly when you are around different colors. Happy, Weird, Strange or maybe excited?

Colours, are nothing but a great way to lift your spirits and boost your moods quickly. Your confidence can be boosted when you wear colours that you love and feel-good in and also that urge somebody to put it ‘oh you look so great’!

What does a color poem says?

Breezy & Fresh yellow, orange, and citrus hues infuse you with optimism, Pastel shades make you happy and promotes bliss and calmness. Red and Black, is an epitome of authority and power.

Well, any which ways your personality can simply be, ‘It’s Okay! I feel best in monochrome’ (: