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Digital Detox: A real life encounter

Yes, I really did it.

It was a shock to my entire system, and I recommend taking things slower, but I truly did it and the result was absolutely beautiful - my life, my social media and my phone, especially have not been the same since!

Why and where did it start?

I realized that I had been too overwhelmed with everything around me. I did not know what I wanted to do right after I graduated, I was constantly comparing my life with my friends on social media and it seemed like I had to be everywhere all at once, or I’d miss the greatest experiences life had to offer.

Slowly, but surely, I noticed a downward spiral in how I had been living and feeling. It started with the inevitable late nights, not getting enough sleep, constantly being on the phone and just wanting to see a message or a notification. There was anxiousness over the littlest things affecting me, and it had gotten too far.

This is how it began!

It started from me learning about what social media truly stood for. Instagram were squares of perfection and happiness, but nobody shared what the rest of the photo looked like. if someone is candidly happy or it was a pretend candid shot. A snap was re-taken about 5 times till it seemed “perfect enough” to post. A travel blogger is paid to make those videos you wished were your real life.

I hadn't even realized that I was unconsciously feeling so upset that I am not eating out enough, taking trips with my friends or - the worst of them all - that I was not pretty enough.

The need for change was immediate...

After conscious introspection of what i had been feeling, I took steps that would help me get back on track. Firstly, i made a list of exactly where i had been going wrong and all signs seemed to point at the overuse of electronics.

I got started right away- unfollowed the pages that no longer gave me good vibes, and subsequently deleted most of the social media Apps. The amount of time spent on social media on a daily basis in between errands in a day is so much that when it's completely off your phone, you realise how much time you were actually spending online. And it was not easy. There was almost a deep void of how I was to go about my day and keep up with what is going on.

To cope with this feeling, I made little changes. Instead of watching shows online, I watched the downloaded versions, downloaded apps like kindle that let me download E-books and my playlist was on my phone. - doing this helped me reduce the wandering off on social media in the middle of using my phone.

Doing all of this gave extra time in the day and I started to focus on personal growth- going out on my own, writing, getting back to doing crafts and just enjoying time with myself and meeting people in the process and increasing my network.

How I incorporate it today

Although those measures worked for that time, it certainly would do no justice to the pandemic we have just lived through. Literally everything went online! But, the great thing about everything going online was the access to a greater amount of knowledge database and a variety of products to choose from- be it online courses, working out or wellness programs.

Social Media is great, I'm not here to tell you otherwise. It's the most important tool for a business or person to gain growth in today's age, this has helped a new industry blossom and the reach is higher than ever before, and i love that i can engage a large audience sitting at home if i want to convey my ideas or thoughts or sell a product.

I have also learnt that I am my own person and I need to give time to myself ,so I give myself time off from the socials on a daily basis and more so on the weekends, this has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level and accept who I am as a person.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! But take it at your own pace and see what works for you and what does not.

This blog is written by Soul Palette writer, Akanksha Madaan.