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Mindfulness 101: This is where you start and create your own daily reminders

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Mindfulness. The latest buzz word that has taken over the internet by a storm. But, one thing is sure: it is definitely the need of the hour. Let’s find out how.

All of us are thrown out of our regular schedules with a pandemic knocking at our doors. The monotony has gripped us tightly, inviting fear, anxiety and restlessness for anything that the future might hold.

When we are surrounded by outer chaos, we tend to look inside to find resilience and strength. If the pandemic has taught us anything at all it is the ability to cultivate habits that let us be at ease with ourselves.

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Our bodies and minds have been so accustomed to the auto-pilot mode that we don’t know when days, even years pass by as we walk past our lives. Here comes in the picture the supposed cure for the inner turmoil we all are facing, especially us women. Work at home and work from home has never been this excruciating. So, from where do we gather this sunflower-like dazzle which blooms inside all of us?

If you are willing to change what lies within and lead a fuller life, then mindfulness is for you and this is where you begin.

What mindfulness is?

Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment, living here and now without any thoughts of past or future. It is being fully aware of where you are, what are you feeling, what are you doing without being judgmental.

Victor Frankl describes mindfulness beautifully:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”

What are its benefits?

The way yoga nourishes the body, mindfulness nourishes the mind. Studies have shown that it reduces stress and anxiety, helping you experience a fuller life. Speaking from our personal experience, mindfulness created a window that helped us to pause and reflect before we mindlessly jumped onto another task and thus helping in making better decisions.

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How to practice it?

There are numerous ways in which mindfulness can be practiced like breathing, writing, listening, eating, etc. When you understand that mindfulness is simply living in the moment, you will realize it can become a part of your daily activities too.

Let’s practice this simple one-minute mindfulness technique and observe how we feel.


1. Sit up straight and relax your shoulders.

2. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.

3. Exhale from the mouth and continue doing the same as you count your breaths.

4. The moment you feel you are distracted, let the thought gently pass and come back to counting your breath.

5. Repeat it for a minute, then open your eyes.

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To begin your mindful journey, we have curated a list of simple reminders to help you create your own ‘mindful moments’.

1. Next time before you push/ pull any door, just pause for a second and take a deep breath.

2. The moment your phone buzzes, instead of hurriedly seeing from whom the text is, take a moment to observe where you are exactly and what are you feeling.

3. Set a home screen on your phone which says, ‘Pause, Breathe & Hydrate’, so the next time you reach for your phone, you are pulled back at the moment.

4. Before you sip your next coffee/tea, inhale in the aroma deeply and notice the colors and textures of your drink.

5. Each night, as you jump on to your bed, take three deep inhales, and remind yourself of one good thing that happened that day.

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Sometimes, it might not be easy to remember such routine acts and appreciate little things with a breath. So, why not let these quirky & meaningful mindfulness cards remind you to pause?

They work as excellent reminders with the gift of peace of mind & body packed as fun prompts and exercises. They bring in the just needed calmness to your everyday bustle.

So, the next time you think of mindfulness, forget about what, where, correct posture, the timing, and everything else. Focus on WHY YOU want to practice it, and make it all about yourself, because

Hey, Self-care is not Self-fish!

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