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Dear Women, is your life falling apart? Work-life balance 101

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Women- the jugglers of the circus called life! We are constantly on our toes to full-fill each and every whim of those around us! From our demanding bosses to crazy families!

The life of a working woman has been easier. Being a working woman in India is hard because we have challenges that men simply do not!

In a day at life; men start their day with a coffee and commute to work, but a woman’s day begins with grocery, laundry, cooking, sending kids off to school and finally, hitting work at 10 am!

Office in the morning and kitchen by the evening; woman, do you think your life is falling apart? Well, work-life balance need not require by women only who hold professional jobs or have brands to manage. Do you know, for almost half of India’s population, the women working in the house; their work-life balance is not even considered legit! But, sometimes they also need an off, right?

Pandemic Tales from every household

With a pandemic at our doors and work from home becoming the new normal, the Indian women are facing a new kind of hustle. And the world has always been unappreciative towards the hard work of the womankind. But, what we need as women is not a Thank You greeting card but just a space to breathe some air on our own!

There are tasks brimming up in our to-do lists; we wake up with panic attacks in the middle of the night thinking there were at least four things we did not finish today! Well, we feel you!

The vicious circle of work from home and work at home never seems to end. Often, working mothers are guilt ridden on having spent not enough time with their children and are often looked down upon. At work, we are seen as the weaker link, always a step behind for being smart enough to handle a project on our own!

Some people would argue that times are changing. Maybe they are; and they should. But let’s not rely on things we cannot control. All we have is our careers and our families to take care of, right?

WRONG. In this rat race of being the efficient professional, wife and mother, what is getting side-lined is our sense of worthiness. Let’s give ourselves a pat on our backs already and follow these commandments to make sure our work-life balance doesn’t suck!

Number one

Prioritise: Work or family. There is always gonna be something that you have to let go of. Make a choice and carry that smile with pride.

Number two

Be Vocal: Put out your needs and demands in front of your boss, husband or children. Make them understand what matters most to you and why.

Number three

Stop comparing your life: You are not perfect and do you know what? No one else is. So, stop comparing your momentary hustle with someone else’s Instagram story. Everyone is trying to pull it altogether. Just take a deep breath.

Number four

Time management: The one skill you need to ace at. We are considered the multi-tasking halves, the jugglers; so, it is very important we know when to juggle. Plan your tasks well-ahead so that you give enough time to every part of your life.

Number Five

No guilt-trips: Not been able to complete that presentation because you were cozying up with your partner? Well, it is OKAY! Don’t beat yourself up for regretting the time you enjoyed or vice-versa!

Number Six

Me-time: The only thing that will help you pull this off is shutting down. Keep the cares of the world away from you for sometime to recharge and hit back with a bang. Taking time out for self-care should always be on your list.

Number Seven

Don’t judge yourself: Aren’t there enough people around you to do that? Well, stop judging your self for your priorities. You are only human after all and you can always make things better, if you set your mind to it. Believe in yourself, woman!