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Bed time rituals that actually work: A Real Life Experience

It is pretty easy to get caught up with anxious thoughts and feeling of restlessness especially when we are surrounded with a lot of global stress. During the time of uncertainty, the most affected part of the life is our sleep schedule because of all the negative energy that is consumed by our mind. Hence it is important for all of us experience sound sleep with a relaxing evening/night ritual.


Our daily tasks are influenced by the vision through which we proceed towards them. On that note, we have two choices: creating routines or creating rituals.

· Routine is simply a sequence of habits which have been put together over a period of time. Most of the time it is done in an autopilot mode. For instance, after waking up in the morning first thing we do is to go to bathroom, doing the hygienic process which we were taught as children.

· Ritual on the other hand can be referred to as modified version of a routine i.e. doing activities with the presence of mind and out of intention on a daily basis. It is like cheery on top of the cake wherein we add deep meaning to whatever we choose to do.


Giving a good amount of rest to our body is an act of self-care in itself. After a long day of hustling and social interaction, the mind and body asks us the attention and care which we can provide only when we disconnect with the outer world and get inwards which also means not just to close off our online interaction but to spend 7-8 hours giving rest to our physical movement and conscious thinking.


· Have a bedtime

Sleeping at one particular time, subconsciously signals the brain to start relaxing every day at that particular hour, which makes it easy to fall sleep.

· Disconnect from the outer world

“Work-life balance” also means to prioritise self and people at different hours of the day. After being surrounded by the world for about 10-12 hours, we must take time to turn off from the outer and virtual world every night.

· Warm bath

If it’s hard to fall sleep because of excess of energy levels then 5-10 minutes of warm bath helps the muscles in our body to relax, thereby signalling the body to relax.


Here is my ritual for the night which I live by almost every day. This ritual of mine can be taken as an idea around which you might create your own ritual based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Dim The Lights and Evening Music

I close my work by 6:30 pm almost every evening. To create a warm-relaxing ambience I prefer turning on the evening golden lights. The soft lighting and some evening instrumental music are instant mood shifter for me. I usually shuffle my music choices between Indian Flute and Instrumental Jazz.

  • Evening Yoga + Shower

My evening yoga practice lasts for about of 27 minutes. I either practice Yin yoga or Shakti yoga. After sitting on the chair for long hours, moving the entire body in a mindful flowy manner is a form of relaxing and thanking the body for its support.

· Dinner

Most of the days I try to have my dinner between 7:30-8:30 pm so that I can go to sleep by maximum 10:30 pm. After 30 minutes of having my last meal of the day I prepare a simple blend of Honey + Cinnamon + Ginger evening herbal tea.

  • Practice Gratitude

The last thing before dozing off is writing down 3 most grateful moments of the day. Before sleeping, I take out my journal and pre-visualise my day and the special moments that made that day memorable.

“Remember to create joy by adding simple pleasures in your activities every day.

Remember to add extra dose of love for yourself by creating mindful choices every day.”

This blog is written by Vishruta Vasantharao.

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