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BEAUTY SUPPLEMENTS 101: Are they really worth all the hype?

Ever complained about dull hair, excessive hair fall, faint white patches, brittle nails, or dull skin? Problems ringing a bell? Supplements are just the thing for you. Beauty supplements are the magic pills of the moment. Despite having a healthy lifestyle many of us face such problems. The problem is in the amount of nutrients in the produce. Beauty supplements are becoming a part of our routines in a rapid pace. But what are they? Are they worth the cash and do they really work? We got the answers you need!

What Are They?

These tiny capsules are filled with compositions rich in a combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and necessary proteins and probiotics to cater the needs. As the nutritional value of the food consumed is reducing, many find themselves deficit of certain vitamins. The deficiencies start showing which obviously, isn’t something we want. Everyone's looking for a simple way to transform skin, rewind the clock, restore lush and thick tresses, and grow nails that are hard as, well, nails.

Supplements are also becoming ever more seamless, coming in surprising forms of capsules, gummies and powders that you can simply put into your smoothie and sip.

Do they work?

There aren’t many regulations around beauty supplements, as they're treated as food– not medicine. As such, it's worth exercising caution over the volume of a certain supplement that you take, and not going over the recommended dose. There have been reports of high levels of supplements causing problems – so there are risks and we don’t have long-term safety data. Be sure to consult your trusted doctor in understanding what your body needs. There are many natural supplements for any and every deficiency but these have shown promising results.

The top 5 picks*:

1. Omega Oils

Omega oils don’t just balance your skin’s moisture barrier but also protect your joints, eyes and brain. Since its major source is fish, it is hard to fulfill the requirement. Adequate water and a good day-night cream combo is all you need for baby soft skin.

A few brands: St.Botanica Fish Oil 1000 mg - Double Strength - 550 mg Omega 3

2. Co-Enzyme Q10

It boosts skin repair, cellular rejuvenation and energy production. It also helps with heart health and blood sugar regulation. This is the best skin & hair supplement perfect for the super active. A capsule a day will keep you youthful and energized.

Try Perennial Lifesciences Co enzyme Q10 Nutra Vigour, Healthvit CoQ Vit 10 Coenzyme or INLIFE Coenzyme Q10

3. Pre and Pro Biotics

Specially designed to nourish your body from the inside out, Probiotics are live bacteria that keep your gut healthy. Meanwhile, Prebiotic supplements provide a range of important benefits not just for gut health but to overall wellbeing. Prebiotics boost bone density, strengthen the immune system, control weight and appetite, and make you sharper!

Here’s your daily fix with INLIFE Prebiotics & Probiotics, 60 Capsules, Digestion Acidity Supplement and GNC Probiotic Complex Capsule 10Bn (90 Capsules).

4. Carotenoids

Carotenoids are the beauty essentials. Get your dose of sun protection from skin vitamins that slow pigmentation, brighten skin and fade sun spots. They also build your resistance to sun damage, making your skin less prone to burning. We recommend Biotrex Beta Carotene 25000Iu Pro-Vitamin A For Healthy Heart 60 Capsules, and HealthAid Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg - Mega Strength, another powerful skin antioxidant that attacks free radicals and keeps skin looking younger. Let us know if you see any differences

5. Collagen

Did you know our skin starts thinning as we age? Well here’s a collagen supplement that boosts skin hydration and thickness, keeping wrinkles at bay, in a way that no skin cream can do. GNC Collagen Beauty Builder Tablets (150 Tabs), INLIFE Hair Skin and Nails, 60 Tablets With 10, 000 mcg Biotin. For Hair Fall is a special skin, hair and nail support that contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to nourish from within.

A healthy lifestyle has become of utmost importance since the pandemic. We do realise how much more we can do for our bodies and this is another wise step we take in that direction. To know in more detail and get the right fix for you, join us on

28th November, 5pm on our Instagram with Dr. Mehak Kaushik, a celebrity cosmetologist for a live session.

*Note: The above list is solely a researched based study for awareness purpose. We highly recommend seeing a professional before popping any pill!

All the images are from Pinterest and for representational purpose only.

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