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Aromatherapy: A sensory experience that calms your mind, body & soul

We all label ourselves as the most stressful humans in history because of the momentary displeasures in our life. Don’t we?

From physical and emotional stress to the constant nag of social media and smartphones- it is hard to eradicate environmental toxins from our mind and body. And as far as this issue is concerned, we need to chill out ASAP!

Here enters the newest well-being trend in the market; AROMATHERAPY. So, relax! Scented lit candles are here to drag us out of our boring lives!

Cascading a beautiful space

The enchanting aromas and the essential oils can help ease our mind and stimulate the senses. Did you know, aromatherapy is a miracle cure for grave emotional issues? Aromatic candles can trigger our happy memories back into everyday lives and make moments instantly joyful.

Riding on this newest trend in the market, we came across Acasa Desain; a brand dealing in soy wax candles, organic candles and eco-friendly products. Over a tete-e-tete, we spoke to its founder; Akshya, an academic pie, who fell in love with candles and started her baby brand right after her MBA. Some excerpts from our conversation…

1. How candles promote and enhance health & well-being?

By burning candles, pleasant aroma is released into the atmosphere as essential oils evaporate. The scent triggers and enhances different emotions and moods. Likewise:

· Lavender promotes sleep

· Lemon ease nausea

· Eucalyptus soothes headaches

· Vanilla calms the mind and body

2. How you pick candle flavours every time, what’s your inspiration?

I always work on the aroma blends based on different moods. Mostly people go for blends which promotes sleep (Lavender + Bergamot), clears up congestion (Eucalyptus + peppermint, Orange + Rosemary) and many more.

3. Tell us how you made the candle packaging so appealing and unique?

To stand out in the market, I wanted to go for dark colors though you will never see a candle box of dark matte color, instead it will be pastel.

But I chose my candle boxes to be dark maroon coloured which embodies luxury and sophistication.

4. Can you share any interesting moment while being in the candle business?

One client bought an essential oil from Jaipur Literature Festival. She tried out and loved it to this extent that every time she runs out of one, she keeps ordering it from US.

5. Are candle mood twisters?

After a long day at work, if you come home and light up a single candle it helps you lift your mood and unwind. The smell of the scented candle stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood so it helps as an instant mood twister.

6. Out of all your candles, gem stone candles stand out the most. Can you share the inspiration behind them:

Each gemstone has a merit of its own. We were the first ones to introduce this idea in Jaipur. Each gemstone brings in a particular kind of energy and by infusing them with wax; we are infusing their vibrations together.

For instance:

Vanilla candle infused with red ruby and clove;

Vanilla is a sweet scent, which is both soothing and comforting. When infused with red ruby stones which are an epitome of undying love, the blend inculcates feeling of love, warmth, and compassion. Clove helps to calm our system and reduce the feeling of dizziness.

7. Do you think scented candles can pave a way for self-care and mindfulness in today’s era?

Each one of us faces challenges of our own. Lighting up candles is a small way of self-care that we can practice from anywhere, anytime without burning a hole in our pockets.

So, yes it is ‘mindfulness-on-the-go’!

Paving a new way for self-care

Now, if you are convinced with the magical benefits of lighting candles, it’s time to get on your bean bag, a mat, or a couch. Quickly take five minutes out to sit back, and do a deep breathing exercise or just sit in silence. You bet, your mind and body will certainly thank you for it!

Until then, keep pouring in beautiful aromas, love and light!

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