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A quick yoga routine during your periods: An expert guide.

It is that time of your month. You are curled up in your blanket, thinking when would this pass. Does the thought of exercising make you cringe or are you one of those looking for an easy workout routine during your periods because you have heard about its benefits but can’t seem to find a doable guide? Well, we are here to your rescue.

In our first ever, Move Your Body thread, we have come up with a quick yoga routine during periods. Everybody, move your body. Yes, it is a thread about yoga, Pilates, cardio, workouts and more. A step to step guide to become your healthiest self.

PMS, mood swings, cramps, nausea. These are the feelings that half population of the Earth lives with every month. And we are surely blessed, my girls! Who else has right to give birth, but us? Doesn’t that sound amazing?

For those who had been living under a rock, what if we tell you there was one way to keep these feelings under control? Yes, we have the solution and it is called exercise. Who said exercise is bad for periods? Well, we have seen this rumour doing rounds for quite some time now, so we decided to deal with it.

Exercising keeps PMS, mood swings under control and help relieve the period pain. There is no scientific reason as to why you should avoid exercise while menstruating. Rather if you just google, the benefits are tons.

Having boarded the fitness wagon this lockdown, when we met our monthly buddy yet again, we decided there has to be a routine which doesn’t leave us tired, but energies us from within. At Soul Palette, we spoke to an expert, Rashi Maheshwari of SLIMLADY to burst our little bubble and give us a quick, easy exercise routine so that we can go back to our blankets as soon as possible.

The foremost important thing is to listen to your body and experience how you are feeling while you are menstruating, says our expert. She prefers Yoga during those 3 days because of how it calms the mind and body alike while giving you a good stretch. Here is an 8-pose routine that she recommends, with one condition for all: keep inhaling and exhaling while performing each of them and you are good to go.

Let’s begin.

1. Cat & Cow Pose / Bidal asana

2. Cobra Pose / Bhujang asana

3. Downward facing dog / Adho Mukha Shvanasana

4. Forward Bending / Uttan asana

5. Roll on your back / Jhulana Lurhakan asana