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A Letter to all Women Reading this. Yes, YOU!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Dear Women,

This is your guide to put the most awesome soul on the planet on your priority list: YOU!

Women are the constant jugglers of the circus called life.

As we all embrace a new reality, confined to our homes, we have been forced to think what really matters to us. And the google trend report of 2020 reveals it all.

All that matters is YOU.

Self-care is definitely the new buzz-word.

Does this mean putting on a face mask, painting your nails as you sip on some summer cocktail? Or does it mean treating yourself to a creamy hot chocolate fudge on a Wednesday night? Or is it finally accepting that you don’t have to ‘manage it all’ or is it forgiving your past and moving ahead in life? Is it learning yoga?

Well honestly, it can be anything! For as long as you are being kind to yourself and to those around you, each being on Earth can have their own version of ‘self-care’ and be unapologetic about it.

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Always caught up in daily grind, women often forget to take care of themselves. They are constantly juggling with their family and career life. All they need are little reminders to prioritise themselves so that they grow into their best versions through simple practices. Soul Palette is your daily dose of sunshine, full of literary recipes to feed the soul and also a community learning from each other while having fun.

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Women like you who are working tirelessly at homes and offices, making all ends meet. They are the career girls, they are the family girls and most often, they are both at the same time. They are busy, they are ambitious, they are kind and they want to make the world a better place, but most importantly, they want to take care of themselves,

because you only live once.

Because, self-care isn’t selfish.

This platform is a reminder to all those gorgeous souls out there that there is no one on the planet that you have to impress, not even yourself. So, let down your hair, smile and laugh as hard as you can. The same way you can’t pour from an empty cup, you can’t love others around you if you don’t love yourself! Its time you pay attention to the thoughts that are brewing in your mind-scape and take care of your body as your home.

Wishing you oodles of

Self-Love and Light,

Soul Palette

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