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A dermatologist busts 8 popular skincare myths !

All of us dream of having a flawless, radiant skin. With the market flooded with a plethora of options under each category, choosing one can be difficult. How often do we all try products and see absolutely none of the claims come true? Ever wondered why it didn’t work? An increasing number of advertisements claiming the same statement has led all of us to believe in myths. It’s hard to trust any source if the source is an aunty you know, then definitely don’t!

Pandemic woes

During the pandemic, our daily routine, food habits, and self-care regime, everything has changed. Naturally, our skin requirements would have changed too. Our skin if delicate and sensitive, it is important to make informed choices about the products we use daily.

Discomfort Zone is a space where we talk about things we can’t openly discuss. A space to inform ourselves, talk about things that makes us uncomfortable and seek out the truth. In this edition of the Discomfort zone, we are here to bust a few skin-care myths. Who better to answer these questions than a dermatologist?

About the Expert

Dr. Shivani Bhandari, a dermatologist practicing in New Delhi. She completed her MBBS from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, and a residency in dermatology from MGM, Aurangabad. Passionate about her field, she is devoted to helping as many possible to make them feel great about their skin. We asked her to burst the most popular beauty myths that one comes across every time we browse for beauty products.

1. Vitamin E will make scars fade.

Truth: Vitamin E has great hydration properties but it doesn’t work on scars. You need proper medication or aesthetic procedures to remove scars.

2. Steam from hot water opens up your pores.

Truth: There is no such thing as the opening and closing of pores. Pores are normal physiology of skin and they are more prominent in oily skin types.

3. My skin is dry because I’m dehydrated.

Truth: Dehydration and dry skin are not related. You may have dry skin because it is body physiology and not related to dehydration.

4. You get acne because you don’t wash your face.

Truth: Washing face regularly is important but it’s not related to acne. Acne is majorly due to hormonal imbalance or wrong product usage.

5. Anything marked “natural” or “chemical-free” must be better for you than other types of skincare products.

Truth: Anything natural may not necessarily be good for the skin. Some natural products may cause allergic reactions too. It is always best to do a patch test.

6. It's better to get the pus out of a pimple by popping it.

Truth: You should never pop a pimple on your own. It might spread the infection more and cause scarring. For blackheads or whitehead removal it is better to visit your Dermatologist.

7. Makeup wipes are the best way to remove makeup

Truth: Makeup wipes are not always great for makeup removal. They might clog pores! Micellar water is recommended for the proper removal of makeup.

8. Price is a good indicator of how well a product works

Truth: No, it is not necessary! A lot of cosmetic brands are highly expensive but they are not as effective as the cosmeceuticals recommended by your Dermatologist.

Now that we have busted a few myths, make sure to choose the products and DIY recipes consciously. Refer to a trusted dermatologist in case of specific problems. Here are a few more things to take care of:

1. Know your skin type and ingredients you are allergic to.

2. Read the ingredients on your products and the effect it has.

3. Read up about the benefits and side effects of the ingredients used in DIY recipes

So, the next time you start your skincare routine, keep these points in mind. Treat your skin with care and get that radiant glow.

Happy skin, happy you!

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