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7 Cool Online Courses to make the most of the lockdown

Beat the Lockdown Blues

Keeping our grim-faces cheered up during this lockdown can be pretty tricky. Isn’t it?

Whether we’re working from home, organising a virtual retreat with our family on WhatsApp groups or joining Bumble due to lockdown insanity. The time we all had spent pre-lockdown- seeing our friends, working out in gym, going to weekend getaways or simply walking down the street with our dog, everything is set on a PAUSE.

While watching the latest Netflix series or waiting for F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion to stream, there are countless ways to pass time indoors.

But if we only have all this in our ‘Quarantine To-do lists’ then we need to roll around our head and see what else is quirky on internet?

How fortunate we are! Experts and teachers across the globe are taking out their extra time in lockdown to share their pearls of wisdom on the internet, and for free. Yes, you heard it right for FREE!


So, level Up your Skill Game!

Right start from picking up fancy fashion tips to gaining the sense of well-being, there’s tonnes of quirky online content to keep you busy during the second wave of coronavirus.

So, driving on this newest trend of ‘Online Education’ let’s try out some fun & productive online courses. In order to, discover a new hobby, learn a new language or upgrade our skills when everything else seems to be at standstill. Let’s get started!

Note: All course titles are hyperlinked to the respective site for enrolment

1. The Science of Wellbeing

It is important for you to pause right here, find a solace and gain a sense of wellbeing!

Yes, in this course you can simply engage your soul in a series of challenges, designed to increase your happiness and build more productive habits. This Happy Course reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of a human mind that will lead you to think the way you do, and followed by the research that can help you change your perspective forever.

2. The Foundations of Happiness at Work

A much-needed guide is out!

Happiness, has been a global phenomenon and this course guide is a way to lead a happy and meaningful professional life. As the modules explain what happiness at work looks like, why it matters, and how to cultivate it. The entire course is about defining happiness and witnessing that happiness at work improves the performance of an employee and organization as a whole.

3. Seeing through Photographs

Find your inner creative soul as a photographer! It is all about connecting your mind to your heart.

Photographs are gift for soul in today’s era and every picture connects you to your past, reminds you of certain people, places, feelings, and stories. A photograph can help identify who you really are. Subsequently, this online course will help you outdig into the meaning of pictures and reconsider photography’s role in our visual culture.

4. Secret Sauce of Great Writing

The course will reveal the little secrets of Creative Writing that nobody is willing to tell you. This will help you greatly increase your creative writing skills.

This online course will teach you the four ingredients of good writing: simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness. After discovering how to add those ingredients skilfully, your writing will almost certainly begin to stand out from that of others in your field, profession or industry.

5. Fashion as Design

This course speaks of fashion with respect to the visual language of dress, individual and collective identities, and issues such as labour practices, sustainability, and body politics.

Among all objects of design, our clothes are the most universal and intimate. This online course will shed a light on all kinds of design, fashion thrives on productive tensions between form and function, automation and craftsmanship, standardization and customization, universality and self-expression.

6. Introduction to Classical Music

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of a country’s culture.

If you have a knack of classical music melodies and want to brace yourself, there’ s no other platform for you. By using a simple and enjoyable teaching style, this course introduces the novice listener to the wonders of classical music.

7. Food Design 101

Food? We all love it!

This online course will master you in food designing and help you learn how to tingle the senses followed by a creative presentation of food. Because, getting started from the initial product idea to something with an effective food design, dare to say it takes huge efforts. Through this online course, you would know how to amplify the beauty of the plated dish that entices you to take a bite.

Boredom Busting

Well, we all are trying to keep boredom at bay in 2021 lockdown?

Because lockdowns and quarantines are not going away anytime soon. So why not make the most of this time by improving your skills with online courses?

Enrol & Kickstart Today!

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