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6 Interesting Hobbies to Fill your Time while you are Indoors

You might be having a free weekend ahead or are quarantining at home. Either way you have loads of free time! Let’s be honest, we are all a little tired of just mindlessly binge-watching shows. Hobbies are an easy fill. Every time that we have to spare, we dream of picking up a hobby. It’s like a new year’s resolution, starts a day fine but…well we all know how that goes. This is that moment where we, yet again, say, “WE GOT YOU!’

Hobbies don’t have to be super productive; they have two basic functions: fun and reducing stress. These activities performed during leisure time were associated with lower blood pressure, total cortisol, and perceptions of better physical function. Such activities are also correlated with higher levels of positive psycho-social states and lower levels of depression and negative effect. Ultimately, the benefits of hobbies, both psychologically and physically, are worth exploring. Let’s find something you enjoy engaging in and you create time for yourself and your health!

1. Mixology

No, we aren’t trying to get you drunk on a Saturday afternoon, and yes alcohol isn’t necessary. Mixology in simple terms is making drinks and experimenting with flavours you like. It could be a new take on a cocktail or the best smoothie you ever made. Bring out the chef in you and mix the drinks and spices. You might end up getting the perfect Sunday brunch drink!

2. Baking

Let’s whip up some delicious cookies or cakes whatever you want! Did you know baking is therapeutic! Majorly because of the delicious smell that floats around. Aroma works on reducing stress and the focus on the recipe is a perfect distraction.

Some suggestions: Banana chocolate bread, oats and chocochip cookies, Sourdough bread, muffins , ginger bread cookies, lemon tart, sweet and savoury quiche.

Don’t shy from decorating them with icing and sprinkles.

3. Doodling

Paint your mind, from messy thoughts to cute images. The page doesn’t have to be aesthetic or cohesive. It just has to make sense to you and only you! Doodling helps you let your emotions flow. Sometimes those repressed thoughts need a creative outlet. Just pick up a pen and start with whatever shapes come to your mind.

4. Illustration

We all have so many stories to tell and not always do we find words to express it. So why not just sketch it out. There are plenty of apps and softwares like Adobe Illustrator, procreate etc. or you can always fall back onto pencil and paper. Again do not compare yourselves with anyone just express yourselves and create as many characters as you like.

5. Mood boarding

Mood board has two parts; your mood or some concept you want to render. Collect old magazine, newspapers, and small collectibles and get cracking. Cut, paste, edit, and paste. Think of an aesthetic palette if you like too.

6. Snail mails

Remember each moment you spent your loved ones and become a little old school. Snail mail are small sweet letters with cute drawings or pictures on one side. In a time where a small gesture can make someone’s day, this is a perfect way to do that. Write to that doctor or your neighbour or to a fictional character you recently acquainted. Please stay away from posting one to your ex.

Here we have it. 6 hobbies which are easy and therapeutic. Work in any atmosphere can get tiring, and we all know the importance of taking a break. The involvement of all the five sense will make sure that your mind and body connect. Bring out that inquisitive child in you and get crafty. Most importantly, smile throughout.