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22 WAYS TO LET YOUR EMOTIONS OUT, because you are not a pressure cooker!

“True emotional healing doesn't happen without feeling. The only way out is through.” Jessica Moore

We all realize what we feel and why we feel that way. But what now? Dealing with these emotions the right way is extremely important. Our social media, gallery, advertisements are filled with this underlying notion of “fake it till you make it” and we all know it doesn’t always work. Forcing yourself to feel a certain way only means you are hiding away from the truth. This pile only increases in weight which we don’t want. All of us have tried many methods of venting out, but they don’t completely help. We still have some things buried so deep, it’s hard to pour out honestly. Ever wondered why? Why is it that despite journaling or taking a break we don’t feel light?

We often skip an essential step: thinking. For someone punching a pillow and yelling can work while for other writing or running works. Point being the way to express is different, so, sit and think. If you are having trouble thinking of ways to help yourself, try one or a few from this list:

From the basics: Feelings can be overwhelming. In this journey of being peaceful, we forget the basic, i.e., taking care of our bodies. Seems unnecessary but this small step will help you a lot.

1. Snacking healthy

2. Keeping yourself hydrated

3. Taking a relaxing shower

4. A power nap

For your feelings: Let’s address the elephant in the room, how to deal with these emotions. Note that everyone has a different way to vent it out, so please try and have patience. Allow yourself to experience those emotions and thank yourself.

5. Record your emotions on an audio note.

6. Write is down. Don’t care about the grammar just pen it down

7. Punch a pillow

8. Let yourself cry

9. Let your thoughts wander while listening to songs

Mood boosters: Distractions are good if they are something positive. Remember that forcing yourself to feel a certain way never works. Doing something that releases happy hormones can be a good way to start.

10. Listen to stories of someone you admire

11. Watch your favourite movie for the nth time

12. Take a one day trip

13. Explore the hidden gems in your city

14. Go to a pet café or spend time with animals

Release the tension: Physical exercise is always a good way for mental well being. You don’t have to go and tire yourself in the gym. Just release the tension in those muscles.

15. Play with play-dough

16. Go for walk with your favourite music

17. Sit in a garden and observe

18. Stretch your body and let loose

Ask for help: Fear of judgement often stops us from approaching anyone for anything, let alone to vent out. It is deeply ingrained in our brains, so, it becomes hard to ask for help. Everyone goes through such phases in varied levels. Do not worry, but make sure to ask them if they are in a mental space to listen to you.

19. Call a friend

20. Surround yourself with people you love

21. Visit a professional

22. Chat with a stranger if you feel comfortable

You know you are different, so deal with your emotions the way you think will be helpful. Remember that you will only come out stronger from this. In case none of these seems to work, we advise you to consult a professional. Be true to yourself or else this will seem like a tedious task.