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20 little secrets to loving yourself: Don’t Just Breathe, Live!

There is a spark inside all of us that pushes us to achieve what we want; be it loving yourself a little more, starting to write again, or posting the painting you made. But sometimes a simple act of believing in oneself doesn't seem that simple anymore. We all need a reminder of how amazing we are. Our belief system holds us back by creating umpteen reasons to NOT start. On a podcast episode titled “10 factors holding us back from starting something new”, Nimisha Soni points out the common barriers we create for ourselves.

Her podcast talks about how to not just exist but seize every moment. She steers us a step closer to being happy, finding the meaning of your life and reminding us every week the power we hold within.

In this edition of #Becoming, we encourage you to learn something new like listening to this inspiring podcast. Learning something never goes useless; we might not see the effect immediately but trust the process.

In this candid conversation, we got an insight into her life mantras, what keeps her going; all UNFILTERED.

She is the woman best friend we all need in our lives.

Read on.

1. Your morning mantra-

The first thing I tell myself is "Today is going to be a great day!"

2. The reason behind that electric smile.

A firm belief that there is some power protecting me and looking over me all the time, who knows what's best for me and grants me the kind of life I am utterly grateful for. That makes me secure enough to take my life one day at a time and smile whenever I can.

3. 3 things you want women to ignore.

1. People who judge/compare them with other women.

2. The pressure of being liked by everyone.

3. Feeling guilty when they do something for themselves.

4. 2 things you want women to stand up for.

1. Their self-respect.

2. And nowadays also for their peace of mind.

5. Your go-to advice for dealing with nosy aunties.

Whatever they say is all about their own mindset. It has nothing to do about you. Just laugh out loud to their ignorant lives!

6. It's 11:11. What's on your wish list?

Good health for my loved ones. Always.

7. Things you want to say to a mom-to-be

Just relax. It's the most natural process and nature does take care of everything. Just eat well, sleep well, and nourish that tiny part of you inside your tummy with all the nutrition and happy hormones. Do chant whatever mantras you believe in. Because all we need is a happy, healthy, and fearless child.

8. What is that one thing you would have dealt differently if given a chance?

Nothing. Because now when I look back and connect the dots, I know that everything in my life happened for a reason.

9. Your 3 positive affirmations that you stick by.

1. I am worthy and capable to achieve whatever I dream of.

2. I focus on being happy first and perfect later.

3. Don't just breathe... Live! of course.

10. 5 things you would include in your self-care box.

1. Number one has to be Me time.

2. Music.

3. Clean and decluttered cozy home.

4. Writing pad - to write my heart out.

5. Not to forget, a cup of tea.

11. One thing you just can't stand.


12. 2 things on your 'fuck it' list.

1. Seeking validation.

2. And anxiety about the future.