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12 Ayurvedic Resources to help you get started in your Ayurvedic Journey

The craze of Ayurveda is everywhere! We have heard of enough of benefits of Ayurveda- the path to holistic living. There are tips are gyan available everywhere now. But if you are a newbie and don’t know where to get started, worry not!

We have curated an awesome list of Ayurvedic resources so that you don’t have to scratch your head!

From books, websites, podcasts & experts to follow; here is a curated list of just the best.

Let’s get started!

Ayurveda Books to read

1. Everyday Ayurveda by Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharya

This well written Ayurveda book is by an Indian doctor, Dr Bhaswati who has deep roots and reverence for the Indian systems of knowledge. Everyday Ayurveda is a note-worthy book which simply illustrates Ayurveda in everyday life and emphasizes Dinacharya as the foundation for good health.

2. Jeevani: Ayurveda for Women by Dr PLT Girija

The book emphasizes on Women’s health, where the Ayurvedic concepts are bifurcated and explained in great detail in 16 informative chapters. Dr PLT Girija, author of this prominent book and founder at Sanjeevni Ayurveda is on a mission to restore the importance of Ayurveda India as first and automatic choice of treatment for all diseases.

3. The Book of Ayurveda by Judith Morrison

This book is filled with colorful diagrams, pictures, tables which makes the book easy to understand for beginners. We can almost hear the author speaking in her soft affirming voice while reading, which can allow all of us to adopt Ayurveda for an everyday well-being. The Book is written by a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico- ‘Judith Morrison’. She has a sound knowledge of Ayurveda and its practical aspects which can be seen in her interesting book, ‘The Book of Ayurveda’.

Ayurveda Websites to engage

1. Easy Ayurveda

Easy Ayurveda is a Health and lifestyle blog by Dr JV Hebbar, who is an Ayurvedic Doctor, Pharma Consultant, Writer, Columnist & Devotee. He is also a leading Indian Ayurvedic blogger whose blogs are one of the most extensive and authentic Ayurvedic online resources. The website emphasis on the immediate application of Ayurvedic principles in every aspects of life. The meaningful content at Easy Ayurveda, follows light style and richly illustrated with personal examples from Dr Hebbar.

2. Paavani Ayurveda

Paavani, an online Ayurvedic platform stands behind the philosophy- that what is harmonious for one may not be for another. Through understanding & honoring the individual needs, the blogs at Paavani nurtures the cultivation of Ayurvedic health & beauty from within. Their blogs spread the wisdom of Ayurveda and offer ancient traditions to the modern world, with the intent to reconnect people to their innate body wisdom.

3. Hey Monica B

Hey Monica B is an online platform that enlightens world through Ayurveda and is a blooming resource for simple and every day practices. Monica is an expert on teaching how to use the ancient science of Ayurveda simply and effectively in our ultra-busy modern lives for optimal health in mind. Hey Monica B’s blogs are easy and fun ways to enhance one’s mind, body and spirit by using Ayurveda in their daily routine.

Ayurveda Podcasts to listen

1. The Simple Ayurveda podcast by Angela Perger

Simple Ayurveda podcast makes ancient science easy to understand, relatable and totally possible for anyone to apply Ayurveda into their modern lifestyle. The podcasts allow people to be healthiest and their most vibrant self.